Monday, August 31, 2009

Not Me Monday

Oh where to start?Kaden is NOT enjoying school.He did NOT cry the first few day's because he is NOT used to being left.The girls are NOT loving every minute of school and of course Justin is NOT disliking school in the least and Brenten has NOT already brought a note home from school stating he was NOT running through the school like a wild animal.Of course I am NOT raising my kids like that.I did NOT have a very nice weekend.I did NOT load up the kids and go back out to enjoy all the beautiful things god put on this earth for us.I do NOT thank him in the least for giving us such beautiful outdoors.I did NOT post a want add on freecycle asking for hangers because why would I do something like that?Well because I am NOT planning a huge yard sale and I did NOT have in mind to hang things up.I did NOT get an email from a lady saying she had hangers and I was NOT in any way iffy about going alone since she did NOT write specific instructions telling me to drive to the back by the garage.I was NOT thinking bad things.So this morning I did NOT call my friend and ask if she would like to go along and she did NOT tell me she knew the lady and so it was ok.I did NOT get there to realize I know these people and so I did NOT stand around for nearly an hour chatting away NOT me cause I don't like talking.My back yard was NOT looking like a hay field from NOT being mowed so I did NOT drag out the push mower and mow it all yesterday NOT me cause I am NOT lazy.I have NOT lost 7 pounds.I did NOT weigh 119 and now I do NOT weigh 112.I am NOT fitting into my jeans comftorably again.It was NOT so cold this morning that I surely would NOT have turned the heat on {brrrrr}.I did NOT hear about Tracy Lawernce coming near me so I did NOT hop online and buy my precious ticket.I have NOT crowded the upcoming weekend so tight it surely could NOT bust.I am NOT asking myself how I am going to get everything done.My house is surely NOT still clean and this could NOT be because I cleaned and decluttered so there could NOT possibly be anything left for the kids to make a mess with.This is NOT going to be a spectacular week!I do NOT hope your week is wonderful!


Erica said...

Wow, you sure got a lot in there, reminded me that my 4 yr old did cry all the way to school this morning and when we got there he did not tell the teacher he wanted to go home and play the Wii! After school he didn't tell me he had a good time!
Hope you have your fabulous week in you decluttered clean house! Wish I could say the same for mine!

E @ Scottsville said...

Hope you survived your Monday okay. We're on to Tuesday already, so only three days to go til the weekend. Woo hoo!