Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not have an awsome week!I could never have an awsome week!I Do Not remember what I done but I'm certain I Did Not like it.I Did not take my kids and mother on a road trip Sunday.We Did Not visit Rocky Falls and Alley Mill.It Did Not start thundering,lightening,and raining before we made it back to the rig.I Did Not get a new cell phone today and it Is Not equipped with internet.I Do Not love it!I have NOT baby sit again Friday and today and I will NOT be baby sitting the rest of the week.I do NOT like kids at all!School does NOT start in 9 day's and I am not so happy I could shout.I did NOT hit more yard sales over the weekend and I did NOT get a ton of un needed junk.I do NOT have to go grocery shopping tomorrow so my poor starving family don't wilt away.I did NOT visit my cousin on Friday and she was NOT missing me so much she had tears.Nobody misses me that much surely.This is NOT the cousin that would rather go through childbirth rather then follow in my foot steps.I do NOT get good laughs outta her.I did NOT take a road trip today just to get an infant carseat.I have no infants so why would I?I did NOT get the seat for the baby that spends alot of time with me.I am NOt ready for bed so I can get up in the morning.

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