Friday, August 14, 2009

Dear So & So

Dear Kaden,Please don't go in the burs looked a bit speckled and I dislike picking them off you for an hour.Please also remember if mommy and the other kids don't touch it then you shouldn't either.I hope your finger gets well soon.Love Mommy. Dear Donald,Do you realize it was this day 10 years ago that we thought we got married?Man that has been a very long 10 years.I love you and I love your attitude change.Love grace Dear Wal MartCould you please bring back the no bake cookies?I am to lazy to make them and I am losing weight without them.Why do you want to torture me like this?Your unhappy customer Grace Dear Sarah,Thank you for the late night phone call.Tomorrow should be a blast.I went and bought picnic items and now I am ready for this journey.See ya tomorrow,Your cousin Grace Dear teachers,Can't the kids start school on Monday?I am very excited for them to get to go back.Your concerned parent Grace Dear Jose,Thank You for the tomatoes.They will taste lovely on my salad!That one woman you claim Grace

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-stephanie- said...

Happy 10 years together even though it's not in wedded bliss, even though being wed isn't always bliss. Have a fun time with your cousin Sarah.