Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Kids Said What???

I had to jump in on this post.If only you knew what was happening right now.Kelsey is laying on the couch and Kaden is standing next to her head.Kelsey-Are you going to pull my hair?Kaden-Yep.Kelsey-Pull it like this.Kaden-Ok.Kelsey-scratch my back like this.Kaden Like this?Kelsey-Yes.Why does she want him to pull her hair and scratch her back i'll never know but Kaden seems to be enjoying doing it.I'm sure there is to much funny stuff they say to post it all but allow me to think back to all the stuff they have said.You know I could come up with alot more that I hear on the scanner.Them cops confuse themselves lol.Grr ok there is to much going on to think of more so I'm leaving it as is for today.


E @ Scottsville said...

ha ha ha, KIDS! Aren't they FUN?!

Gracie said...

Too funny!