Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Day At The Ranch

I was determined to not spend another day home alone with the kids.I wanted to go floating again but knew it wasen't safe to take the kids so sat around thinking of things to do.Finally I decided I could drive for over an hour and end up at Rocky Falls.Yes it sounded appealing but grumpy kids along the way didn't so I decided against going there.Then My friend called and asked if we would like to go to the ranch.I knew there was water,games,and food there so I knew we could all be happy.I got my swim clothes on and got the kids ready and we headed out.It was alot of fun and of course I took lot's of pics.I did not post them all but I did post alot of them.Here is Justin and Kaden on the 4 wheeler.Of course being boy's they spent alot of time on this beast. This was just me looking up in amazement at how tall this tree was.It was very very tall.

She must be trying to keep up with the latest fashion.
This is the pet cemetery at the ranch.I wish I would have taken pics of some of the graves.It was very interesting.One person had 3 pets buried there.And there was a few coffee containers with pet ashes in them sitting around.

I just decided since the boy's was on the rock I might as well take their pic.This was a very peaceful place.

This is the same place the rock is.You feel on top of the world here.Skylar,Ashley,Justin,Kaden.

Talk about point look out.This was amazing!

When she was in the distance she looked like some kind of hippie or maybe even a lighter Whoopie Goldberg lol.

Kaden just chillin by the water.

He was trying to get in style too!{Notice the head band that is around the back of his head?}

This is my friend Mona and her son Skylar and her man Tom.They pay a fee each year so I can come spend 1 day with them.Yep they love me that much.

Ashley got into her chocolate ice cream like there was no tomorrow.She had some left overs on her face.

Justin and Skylar gettin down with their ice cream.Thank you for this nice cool treat Tom and Mona.

Kaden took 2 bites of his birthday cake ice cream so I moved him closer to me so I could help him.

This is Kaden in the little truck thing.He loved it.

Ashley as she waits patiently for ice cream.

Mona as she sits and watches the kids swim.

Justin (standing) and Skylar (feet up) doing all their tricks and stunts in the water.Both boy's have learned alot since last summer.Good Job Boy's.

And then they both surface.They had alot of fun.Justin will be down there until Tuesday!

Me and Kaden watching the kids swim.

He was happy.He was trying to tell me something.

Mona and Skylar just lookin off.

She is a water baby.She has no fear when it comes to water.

Justin fixing his goggles.For some reason he spends more time fixing them then wearing them.

Thank You Mona and Tom for a great day.It's alway's so nice to get away with good friends!


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Looks like a relaxing fun day. Great pictures.

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That SOOOOO beats sitting around bored at home, huh? Glad y'all had a fun day outside and in the sun!

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Oops, that was from me - Erica.