Friday, August 7, 2009

Dear So & So

Dear Mr.Government,Thank you for sending us some cash.I had enough to just let loose and have fun.It was fun and I still have some left.If you ever feel like you have to much cash just remember me lol.From a HAPPY Citizen. Dear Kelsey I am so glad you love your parrot but come on he needs a break from talking.I'm glad you had fun today.Love Mommy. Dear Kaden,I'm glad you like your new trike but please remember to keep it in the yard.It's not a street bike!Love Mommy Dear Brenten,I'm so glad you like your new r/c car just please remember it's not for striking people and I don't want to step on it.Love Mommy Dear Ashley,I had a great day with you.I'm glad you like all your new princess stuff.Take care of it and your kids can enjoy it when the time comes.Love Mommy Dear Justin,I'm sorry you was so grumpy today.I guess your attitude saved me money.I love you but you have got to loosen up!I will try to take you to ride go carts tomorrow.Love Mommy Dear Donald,I'm glad you like your jeans.I sure hope your proud of me for askin everyone to come down on their prices.I had a wonderful day!Love Me Dear Yard Sale people,I'm writing to thank you for comin down on your prices.It saved me tons of money!And to the nice lady who was throwing stuff in my rig..THANKS.All those clothes fit my neice.Your fellow shopper Dear US Cellular,Thank you for the check.That will allow me to do more shopping.I'm sorry I'm not going to be spending it at your store.I can find all kinds of stuff for my phone on ebay for half the price.Thanks again Your Wonderful Customer.


Fatal Piggy said...

and thank me for going with you to spend money today! i had a blast! is justin fixing to start his monthly thingy? lol

Gracie said...

I left you something on my blog! =)