Saturday, August 1, 2009

Girls Day Out

I'm sorry I didn't get these pics in order but thats ok.I will tell you about each one.To start with when I pulled in at the river it started raining.I didn't care since I was going to get wet anyway but mom and Sarah thought it to be a bad idea.So we waited a bit then we walked down to the water to look at it.Then after looking at it we waded in it.After I waded in it and discovered it was freezing cold I wanted my tube.After alot of talking and bribing Sarah FINALLY decided to follow me down the river on tubes.Yes I had gotten my way and I was going floating.This made me very happy as you can imagine.So we went to the tahoe to get the tubes.Mom decided she wanted no part of the 2 hour float so she took the tahoe back to the landing zone to catch us there.Here is Sarah questioning herself.She was asking if this was really a good idea.Of course I told her it was the perfect idea and she listened. Ok we are attempting to get on our tubes.Sarah made it into hers as you can see and I am trying to get mine just right so I don't fall through it.
Bye Mom see ya when we get down there.

The trip is over and we are getting out of that water.Do you see how happy Sarah looks now?I took a water proof camara but it has to be developed so I can put the pics on here.At one point Sarah told me "I would rather go through child birth again instead of listening to you".I asked her if I was that bad of an influence and she said yes but when we got to the end she decided I wasen't so bad after all.

Chillin at the vehicles waiting on the bathrooms to open up so we could change.Of course Momma didn't get wet so she was the door guard.

This was her happiest moment of the entire trip lol.

Much warmer after getting changed.Gosh I looked grumpy but I really wasen't.

After floating we headed a few miles down the road to Dawt Mill.As you can see this is the dam.We didn't even think about getting in the water here.

But we did have relaxing and food on our mind.

So we relaxed while waiting on our food.

Then the food came.This is what mom ordered it's called a peach melba.I myself did not like this!

Sarah went with the pecan pie with ice cream.She enjoyed it!

I went with the raspberry cheese cake.It was delicious!Or maybe I was just so hungary it just tasted good.

Half way through it.I ate it slow since it wasen't something I get every day.

This was our view from the table we was dining from.We had a very nice view!

Can you say 3 stooges?Moe,Curly,and Larry.I better be curly since some guy asked me how long it took me to do my hair of a morning.He said he liked my curly hair and it ain't even curly.

This is mom at the walking trail.I love the wooden bridges the put up.

This would be me on another bridge.It was very much like a tree cave on the walking trail.I thought it was getting dark so we found our way back to the tahoe to come home to find it very bright when we got back out in the open.

We advertised what day it was!We was not bothered by NO men or kids.Oh what a peaceful day it was.

And this was the end to our happy day!

Keep watching back for scanned pics of our trip.


E @ Scottsville said...

Looks like y'all had a great time even if the water was cold. =0)

I havne't been tubing since I was a teenager, but we used to go a LOT when I was a kid. =0) Fun times!

Gracie said...

I <3 Girl's Day Outs! Looks like yall had a blast. Glad you were able to enjoy yourself. You deserve it, Grace. =)