Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday

Oh it's NOT Monday already again.I did NOT have a very busy week.Tuesday I did NOt baby sit and I did NOT go grocery shopping.Wednesday I did NOt baby sit again.Thursday I was NOT needing to get up at 4:30am to let my daughter in.I did NOT realize Wednesday night that I was NOT going to be able to get myself out of bed to open the door so I did NOT leave my key's outside and text my friend to let her know.I did NOT wake up at 5:00am Thursday morning to make sure my daughter was in the house.Friday we was NOT going to take off and go camping and my favorite cousin was NOT having grace withdrawls so we did NOT decide to skip camping.Saturday Me,Donald,Justin,Kelsey,Brenten,Ashley,Kaden,Sarah,Taylor,Erin,and Leydia did NOT skip our way back up to Alley Spring.We did NOT spend 6 1/2 hours up there walking around,eating,and swimming.Donald did NOT almost cause an accident on the way home by nearly running a 4 way stop.When Donald applied {stomped} the brakes I did NOT feel something very cold going down my back and I did NOT feel something heavy on my arm.I did NOT think the cooler and stuff had flown up to me and when I looked back I did NOT find it was Ashley on my arm and her pop going down my back.Ashley had NOT forgot to put her seatbelt on.We did NOT all laugh instead of get hysterical.Sunday I had NOT made plans to do anything around the house.I did NOT notice that someone had gave Kaden a haircut yesterday.When I asked him who cut his hair he did NOT say Ashley.When Ashley was confronted she did NOT deny giving a hair cut with a huge smile on her face.Our puppy did NOt die today.Kelsey did NOT run in the house with the dead puppy in hands screaming and crying.All this screaming and crying did NOT attract all the neighbors attention.The neighbors did NOT then come over offering new puppies.Ah I told you it had NOT been a busy week.I do NOT hope your week was just as great.


Grace said...

And lastly Kaden did NOT want watermelon so bad he crawled in the rig with the windows up and curl up next to that watermelon and fall asleep.I was NOT very scared when I found him.He is NOT ok and in the house sleeping now where it is cool.

Fatal Piggy said...

kids kids kids lol thats why i have 1!

E @ Scottsville said...

Yikes on the seatbelt!!!

And just NAMING all of you takes a while, doesn't it? =0)