Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Welcome to A Walk Down Memory Lane.To read more Memory Lane's just go to Scottsville on the right and click on it.Now lets go back to May 2008 all the way to December 2008.This was the dating day's.It taught me I don't like dating and would rather be single.So let me introduce you to some of the dates!This is Tristen.He was kind and made his home feel welcoming when we went for a visit.It only took 2 hours to get from my house to his.He lived on a farm with horses and such and the kids loved it. This is Travis.He was also 2 hours away but only in a different direction.He had an awsome truck and 4 wheeler and a darn good job.He spoiled me endlessly.
This is Mark C.There was 2 Mark's so I had to find a way to mark them apart.As you can see he was a cowboy wanna be.He was 4 hours away so he came to see me.I was not traveling that far.

This is Shane.He was 5 hours away.He came here once and I went there twice.

This is Tom.Tom lives about an hour and a half away.He was a truck driver.This pic was taken when we met for the first time at the lake.I had 7 kids with me and he had his son.Talk about an adventure!I did manage to go out on the truck with him once.He hauled live turkey's that stunk.

And now you see how I cured my boredom for 7 months.


E @ Scottsville said...

So how exactly were you meeting all these men who lived so far away? Dang, Girl!

-stephanie- said...

My question is the same as Erica's. Sometimes far away is a good thing.

Mocha Momma said...

I'm glad I'm not trying to date. I was never good at picking out guys.

God is much better at it and my husband was pretty much dropped in my lap. I wasn't interested at first. After the first date I knew he was the man I was suppose to marry.

Not me Monday...you could write about not driving 70 miles an hour to get to the dentist. You surely don't do that either, LOL!

Take care,

Mocha Momma said...

I may have been accident prone, but you might have been an accident waiting to happen, LOL!

Broken bones and accidents all over the place.

I haven't broken any bones or had any sprains, thank God.

With all your kids I imagine you've had your fair share of them getting hurt.

I'll pray for safety and strength to handle it all.

More later,

Grace said...

Ok E & stephanie to cure your curisity I met them all online.I guess I'm just a little risk taker.

TCKK said...


Erica said...

LOL, bet those guys have no clue they made your blog years later!