Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yes I'm Still Around

I have had a very busy off week.With Kaden starting school it leaves me with 3 hours of me time so I was thinking of what to do with those 3 hours.So Tuesday I sat in the tub for an hour with lot's of bubbles then I showered for about 45 minutes.It was the best tub time I have had in years.My phone didn't ring,nobody marched in on me,nobody had to pee,and nobody was fighting.It was wonderful!Wednesday I picked up the house and went grocery shopping and then I got prepared for the cable dude to come.And then today I dropped Kaden at school and met up with my cousin Sarah while her jeep was in the shop getting worked on.Then I took the time after all the kids got home to star marking yard sale items.I only marked the items that wasen't a quarter so it saved me time and stickers.I will be posting a picture of my yard without tables and junk and then I will post one of the yard sale junk set around the yard.I could try to tell you how much junk there is but you would never believe me because I don't think normal households can hold so much stuff.I am already thinking about Christams since it is my favorite time of year.I already have a family in mind to {adopt} this year.I love helping people that try to help themselves.Thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY!I hope everyone has a fun safe weekend.This is me after my bubble bath and shower.I had time to do something with my hair.It is generally just hanging down with nothing in it but on this day I stuck a clamp in it. And this would be Kaden after I picked him up from school.We just walked around the yard then just took off walking down the street.It was sooo peaceful.


-stephanie- said...

A bath and shower ALONE! How nice. Have a great weekend. Hope the sale goes well.

E @ Scottsville said...

Hope you make a fortune at your garage sale! Happy Friday!

Gracie said...

Alone time = wonderful! Glad you got to enjoy some, Grace. =)