Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We are in for it now!

We are in for it!The weather man is saying between 5 and 9 inches of snow and ice yeehaw!I went to the grocery store and bought all that healthy {and no so healthy} stuff to get us through.I figure the kids will be home out of school for a week so that was alot of food to be bought.I cleaned the hill in the front yard in the sleet so we won't be crashing into stuff as we sled down.And best of all......My mother is here to get snowed in with me.She came up Sunday afternoon to go on a trip with me Monday and she is still here!It's not so bad.The kids wake her up very early of the morning so she deals with them while I catch my 8 hours of peaceful snoozing.Kaden has developed a temper and it dosen't matter what or who it is that ticks him off when he starts talking things start going his way.The bicycle moves when he tells it to and the kids run like fire when he goes in attack mode.I kept telling them to not pick on him because he would learn to be twice as bad but I guess they didn't believe me.I'm waiting on taxes to come in which should be tomorrow.I have plans to stock up on 12 months of household items{toilet paper,dish soap,shampoo,laundry detergent.etc.}.I think thats about $1000.I am just tired of worrying about running out of stuff or getting in the shower to find we are out of shampoo.I guess I should go get the meat prepared for bbq sauce and the oven.It will be supper time before I know it.

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christy rose said...

Enjoy the time at home with your kiddos and your mom. I love getting snowed in. :)