Monday, January 18, 2010

My Daily Plans

I don't have alot going for the day.I do however have a few plans.It's nothing major but it will keep me moving.I need to put 2 carseat covers on,dust and vaccume the living room,was dishes and put them away,sweep and mop the kitchen,wash and dry laundry,fold and put away laundry,clean the tun,sink,and toilet,and sweep and mop the bathroom,take a million more pics and get that all posted,and take Kaden to school at noon,pick all the kids up from school at 3,and have Kelsey to the eye doctor by 3:20.I think that is enough to keep me busy.Is it good exercise?Will it stay clean for 24 hours?Can I afford another pair of glasses?Will any of this make me feel better?I do believe it will make me feel better.I hope everyone has a great Monday!


-stephanie- said...

In my house I could do all that and NO it will not stay that clean for 24 hours. But yet it still needs to get done.

Hope your day went well.

momstheword said...

Wow, have you been busy! How awesome to have so much accomplished at the end of the day, and I say absolutely it will make you feel better. It always makes me feel better!

christy rose said...

Hi Grace, I just popped over from Stephanie's at Life is a Miracle. I love meeting new blogging friends.

wow! You had a big day planned here. You are so right about it not staying clean for 24 hours. At my house, not even 2-4 hours. LOL

If you are interested, I would love it if you would stop by and meet me and my family some time too. I have 5 kiddos also. I loved the post you did with your family pic each year. Your kids are adorable and it was neat to see how they grew so much each year.
It was nice meeting you,
Christy Rose