Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We made it half way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well folks we have finally made it to Wednesday!I am looking forward to the weekend so I can turn the stinkin alarms off.As most of you know Donald and I are going our seperate way's in 4-6 weeks.He can't get along with the kids and so the kids don't try to get along with him.I asked him for the last time last night if he really wanted us to go or if he was going to make an attempt to spend time with the kids.He said he can't get along with the kids and that was all I needed to hear.Our house looks rather empty since I have been selling and giving stuff away.I know he will not be helping me move because I don't want him to know where I am going.I know exactly where I am going so I told him last night if he don't give me a 3 week notice on when he wants the kids then he ain't getting them!He won't want them anyway.In 2008 when I booted him out I would ask him to take them 1 weekend per month and after he had them 30 minutes he was calling ready to bring them back.He has so many other things to do besides deal with kids.All I want in life is my kids to feel loved.This is a small town with no men worth giving a shot but I did post a blog about all the dates I had in 08 and there is still 1 waiting on me.Yes he has waited over a year for me to give him the time of day lol.I have to admit Tristen was good with the kids.But I just think I'll stay single til I am about 40 then I will start thinking about dating.Men just aren't worth my time.Most men have a 1 track mind and sorry but they can take their mind elsewhere!I've been a nun for almost 2 years and  I might as well keep up the good work.I want my kids to be normal happy kids!Ha ok so I start talking about Tristen and he starts texting.He thinks I can't do this on my own so he is trying to help lol.He took a job way out of state but when I told him I was moving and house hunting he came home.Yep he just up and walked away from his job.He does have 1 daughter that is 8 years old.She and I got along very well.I felt sorry for her because her mommy dosen't spend time with her.She gets left at grandma's while mommy,step daddy,and step siblings go on vacation.She even told me she loved me and wanted me to be her mommy.It was really heart breaking.I guess I need to get my day started.I'm just not sure what my plans for the day are.Have a great Wednesday!

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Gracie said...

Grace, I didn't realize you were going through this. I am thinking of you and wish you and your beautiful children the best. You deserve nothing less. You will be in my prayers. Love you, Friend =)