Friday, January 8, 2010

♫ ♫ Come On All Ya Ladies ♫ ♫

 Let's all admitt that we don't have the time or energy to shave our legs.I know by the time I hit the tub shaving my winter coat is the last thing on my mind.Therefore I neglect it.So today I decided to waste the time I could have used shaving taking pics and blogging instead.Now if you click on the pic you can see it's been awhile for me.Now you need to take a pic of your legs WAIT sit your butt back down a take a pic of your legs.NO shaving first!Men only have to shave their face if they feel like it so why should we have to shave 99% of our body to make them happy?We shouldn't!Ok now blog your hairy legs to the world.

And remember to feel your boobies!Breast Cancer does not happen 1 day a year,it happens 365 day's a year!So go check your boobies and shave your legs.Have a great weekend!


Ever Blessed said...

Oh my goodness! How immodest and totally unshy! You know you absolutely shock us grandmotherly spinster types! lol Actually you just missed mine, I brushhogged them yesterday! As for the other, I'm fine there too.

Mocha Momma said...

You're brave. I'm not taking a picture of my way hairy legs.

I do need to do my breast exam for this month. Thanks for the reminder.

Have a great week,

momstheword said...

Hey, I just noticed you know my friend Nannette (she commented above). We are friends in real life and she is just the neatest person. I love her!

I have blogged about my hair legs but admit that I wasn't brave enough to post a picture. You go, girl!

The pictures of your nephew are cute, they are adorable. So sad that your sister chose a man over them.

Some women are so desperate to be with someone that they will accept being treated like dirt, just because they are afraid to be alone. They're already alone in their own home, they just don't realize it yet. Unfortunately their children suffer too.

My mom put up with an abusive husband (not my father) for years before the kicked him out. He beat her, was mean to her and the kids and especially the dog.

The very first time he hit my brother was when she told him to leave.

Sorry, I'm yakking away here and taking up your blog. I lost a nephew once to divorce and just recently found him on facebook. He is grown up and happy and we've reconnected and it's awesome! So hopefully you can do that too someday.