Sunday, January 3, 2010

♫ ♫ It's Snowing ♫ ♫

  It seemed to have snowed!It started last night and hasen't stopped yet.This seems to excite me a bit.When it snows I cook.I mean I cook alot!Today I made a whole Thanksgiving dinner again with turkey,stuffing,pumpkin pie,potato salad,rolls,etc.Tomorrow I am only making chili so me and the kids can take a few sled rides.The kids and I sat at the window today singing sled bells ring are you listening?In the lane snow is glistening.....And so on.It was a very peaceful day!My plans for tomorrow are:Wake up and prep breakfast,feed the kiddos,watch some cartoons while I check emails,then play,play,play,and play some more.After playing we will come in for hot chocolate and warm up and have lunch then the fun begins.For all the kids that are not purely exousted shall help make a gingerbread house.We was going to make it for Christmas but I couldn't get them settled down enough.There is no way I am turning 5 hyper active full of energy children loose in my kitchen with icing and a ton of sprinkles and candy!So here are some snow pics from earlier today.I know it wasen't much then but I will take more tomorrow.

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E @ Scottsville said...

I want some snow! Send it our way!