Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do you remember?

Do you remember wat back when I posted I would do my best to help someone in need every month?I have not forgot about that and have still done my best.Today as I logged into facebook to snoop through status's one caught my eye.I will not name names or anything but there is one lady that will probably be able to use some help.I'm making plans that from today til February 1st that all the funds brought in via craiglist sells will go in a special jar and the on 1st day of February all the money will be counted and turned into paper bills and then it will be mailed!I'm thinking it's going to be somewhere around 2 hundred bucks.I know it don't sound like much but when you have no job and kids to feed it can feel like a million bucks.So thats my plans for that!It snowed again here last night.I think it was 2-3 inches more.The kids have no school again tomorrow!They have been lucky enough to have 3 full weeks off!I have enjoyed every second of it.My Christmas tree finally came down today along with all the decorations and they are now all boxed up and waiting to be stuffed in the closet.I reckon my kiddos are getting hungary so I better go cook something.I just seen the bag of shredded cheese go at a high rate of speed to the bedroom.I have to catch that now.

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