Friday, January 1, 2010

How did you start the New Year?

 What was you doing when the clock struck 12?Was you sleeping?Watching the ball drop?Shooting fireworks?Or maybe just relaxing?Let me tell you what I was doing!
I was lazing on the couch with cinnamon roll coffee,2 cheeseburgers,a 32oz dr pepper,my phone,and of course a very good book!Yep that's what I was doing.I enjoyed every minute of it!Of course I heard fireworks and someone smashing beer bottles in their trash can but I never bothered to disturb my book to look out the window.Do you know how it feels to drink alot of liquid but you just can't bear to drag yourself off the couch to go pee?Oh yes after alot of fluid going in and no drainage I am sitting on a very explosive tank.I hope everyone has a SPECTACULAR New Year in 2010!


-stephanie- said...

We went out for dinner with friends to a Chinese buffet, came home, played games with the kids. The kids went to bed, I watched t.v. and a movie. Hubby came up to kiss me at midnight. I continued to watch my movie until I fell asleep. I missed the ending.

Happy New Year Grace.

Gracie said...

I was home in my pj's ringing in 2010 with the family. Happy New Year to you and yours, Friend =)

Ever Blessed said...

A burger, a book, and something to drink? That is so the way I would have done it, too, had I been awake (and warm)!

It was too chilly in here to stay up, so I snuggled into my electric blanket, and fell asleep!

Happy New Year!

Jackie said...

Hey Grace, I am STILL pregnant thank the Lord, I am just LAZY!!! I so need to blog, but with the family home for 2 weeks I have been with them. I am doing well, and they have scheduled the C-Section for the 19th. So that is D-day if not sooner. Thanks for the prayers. It really shows God's love when you know other peopl who don't even know you care about you and your family. Thank you so much. I will update soon I promise.