Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why?How?........All about finding blogs

Ok so I have been sitting here for what feels like forever surfing blogs.You know I do it the easy way and just hit the button up top that says "next blog".Well on this day I am only finding blogs that isen't wrote in english therefore I can't read it!Oh sure I can see the pics because they are normal but I need to read something!I have learned to google blog titles :0) but still I just want to go from one to the next.How do you find blogs?I would love to know!


-stephanie- said...

Most times I just click on someone's comment and see what they're all about.

Ryan said...

Thank you for finding my blog!

christy rose said...

Come on over to my place and surf some of the blogs on my blogroll. That is what I do to find new and interesting blogs. They will most likely be all in English that way. LOL