Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's almost.....SPRING!

And I can't wait!I got seeds planted in pots and in the window sills for sunlight yesterday so before long they will be ready to be moved outside!I bought rakes,shovels,hoes,tree clippers,and a 3 prong dirt digger.Now all I need is the chain saw out of the truck so I can cut me some wood for the fire pit!I went outside yesterday to help some ladies load up the little tike toy's and was fine in my t shirt until I seen it SNOW!!!!Yes it was snowing!I then turned cold and thought I would never warm up.I have to decide which tree's I want left and which ones are coming down.I discovered last year we have a mulberry tree which is way awsome!I want my garden by it with a bench so I can work in the garden then sit on the bench and eat the berries while sippin cold water from the garden hose!I haven't done much lately.Out cockatiels have been mating so I built a nesting box last night for when they are ready to lay some eggs.

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