Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Can you see the humor?

Today my 3 year old son {he will be 4 in 2 weeks} got a wiffle ball from his Grandma.I have bought these alot and never had a problem with them.Well today we had a major issue with one!I was relaxing on the couch with a very good book while Kaden sat next to me holding this ball.Then I heard him say "Mommy look finger is stuck".I thought no problem I'll just wiggle it out.That didn't work so I added alot of lotion.That didn't work so I drug out my hair clipping scissors and cut that ball in half.I still wasen't able to free the finger and although it had only been a matter of about 5 minutes the finger was swelling.I took him to the kitchen and poured a 1/2 bottle of vegetable oil on the finger.Still it just wasen't coming out!I finally told my mom I was taking him to the emergency room to either get the ball,finger,or both removed!The recepconist thought it was funny and so did all the ill people waiting to to be seen.They had us in within 30 seconds and the doctor started cutting the plastic to try to free the finger.He finally added ky jelly and that still didn't work.So he finally went and got a pair of clamps that look like scissors and a small pair of scissors and he came back to get the job done!10 minutes later my baby boy was walking out of there with all 5 fingers and no plastic on his finger!I didn't give them my name,address,phone number,or anything else so I don't guess I'll be getting a bill this time!Little mans finger is still red and swollen but it dosen't seem to be bothering him.Then about 15 minutes after arriving home My oldest son ran into the house with both hands covering his face and blood gushing.I hate blood.It make my tummy do icky things.So I followed him to the bathroom and he opened his hands over the sink ewwww.I gave his a wash cloth and asked him what happened.He told me he had a bike wreck and lost both of his shoes LOL.I have never heard of that but ok I thought.I went outside to fetch shoes when my middle son yelled to the neighbor kids "Justin had a bike wreck and it gave him a bloody nose"The neighbor kids yelled back "No he didn't!" I came back in and told him it couldn't possibaly be a bike wreck and that is when the truth came out.He said "I was jumping on the trampoline playing dead man dead man and I jumped to escape Sarah and I hit Malachi's knee"Ok now that sounds more like it.The bleeding stopped and his nose looks normal.Now all the kiddos are in bed and I am taking a breather.

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christy rose said...

Oh my what a day you had!!! I am glad that Kaden left the emergency room with all five fingers and no plastic attached. :)