Monday, March 22, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

Hello Everyone!I have had a BLAH weekend and today wasen't much better.Sinus issues have finally risen in this household!WELCOME SPRING!I love spring but I hate the allergies that comes with it.Oh let me remind you I am not the one's the rest of the household.I'm the maid,doctor,and taxi so I can't get sick.Auctually I just rarely get sick (knock on wood).I have been itching to hold a baby lately and today I got to do just that.I carried a 4 week old baby through wal mart for 2 hours.I just couldn't bear to put her in her carseat.I want to have a give away but not sure what I want to give yet.Just keep checking back and maybe I'll figure it out soon!Oh darn I just thought of an idea!Better be watching now!Ok I better go make a list of my giveaway list.See Ya Tomorrow!

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christy rose said...

oooh! you have baby fever! :)