Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's Been Up Here?

CLEANING!!!!!Yes that is what I have been up to.Good news is that I have nothing left to clean!It's still the kids spring break so no school this week.Why can I clean the entire house when all the kids are home in my way but don't have the energy to do anything when they are all gone?All well at least it got done.The kids and I loaded up and headed for the grocery store this morning.They was all great {yes I said GREAT} while going through the store.Some people show such shock when they see a mommy shopping alone with 5 kids and the kids are following in a single file line touching nothing but the floor under their feet!Yesterday the kids was starting to get at each other but then I had an idea.So I sent all the kids in search of plastic bottles with lids then they each made their own bird feeder.After getting them hung in the tree's the kids sat quietly without moving so they could see which feeder the birds liked best.To their surprise the birds hit everyone of them.Hopefully to reward them for being good all week the weather will stay nice and I can take them to the park for a picnic and play time tomorrow.We all enjoy the park.Yes when I take my kids to the park I play on the equipment too!They love it that their mommy can act like them.Our pet birds have laid eggs!They laid some before but they didn't have anything but a bowl to lay them in so they didn't sit.This time they have a private box.I noticed the male bird only comes out of the box when the mommy bird say's it's ok.She is so controlling of him lol.Donald's mom will be here Friday or Saturday!She is finally getting out of the nursing home!We will all miss seeing everyone there but we can alway's go back to visit them.I feel so blessed to have the family I have.Not everyone has family and so I would take in each and every person as family if i was able.I follow 5 moms & a blog and the yesterday post has had me laughing and thinking.If you haven't been there let me know and I will send a link.I guess I should go find something to do.Maybe I will rearange my living room.Man I love it that I can now do that by myself!Have a happy blessed day!


Grace said...

-stephanie- said...

Maybe men should take after birds. :oD

My birds laid 6 eggs but only 1 hatched. It's fun watching the mom and dad take care of it. But when it's time to kick them out of the it. Dad bird gets real mean.