Monday, March 15, 2010

I did it! I did it!

I managed to take Kaden to school today!Now I hope you understand I would of let him stay home but had a meeting with his teacher's so decided he could stay.After the meeting I got to come home and be lonely all by myself for a little over an hour {I left home to get him 30 minutes early and it's only a 10 minute drive}.Brenten came home from school being a terror to the other kids.I was at the door watching the kids on their bikes and Brent rode by Justin and tried to wreck him so Justin told brent karma was going to get him and at that moment Brent had a nice bloody crash.He is fine and will recover before bed time.Just some little scrapes on his hip,chest,and elbow,oh and a bloody nose.My Monday has been terrifffffic!I still have to go buy the kids lunch for school tomorrow but I'm waiting on Donald so I don't have to go alone.Did I mention Kaden had a fight with Brent's bike on Saturday?He most certainly did.He got a hefty know on his head behind his ear and managed to make his ear swell.He also recovered by bed time.Are you thinking my kids are accident prone?Yep they most certainly are.I hope you had a blessed Monday and hope your Tuesday is even better!


-stephanie- said...

Boys will be boys. But my girls get full of bumps and bruises too. My Monday was blessed, thanks.

christy rose said...

Yep kids go through lots of bumps and bruises. It is amazing to me sometimes that we all live through childhood!! :)