Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is in the air!!!

Spring is in the air..I know this because this week the kids are on spring break and my plants are sprouting!I was up at 5am this morning ready to tackle spring chores.The kids and I managed to get all the matress's carried outside to air and next will be getting all the trash collected and on the curb.I have so much I want to get done today.Donald's mom will be here Friday for her move in so we have to get our house in working order for a wheel chair.Donald's dad is leaving out for Mexico on Wednesday so we will have a couple weeks peace and quiet from him.I'm hoping to get the house done by noon so we can go spend some time outside in the yard.I love spring!I hope everyone has a nice blessed day!


-stephanie- said...

Spring Break! Didn't they just go back to school from being off all those snow days? :o)

Happy cleaning! Hope you can get outside.

Grace said...

Yep they had alot of snow day's but not enough to lose spring break.Cleaning is going great!

christy rose said...

I am so excited for spring too! Not really for spring cleaning though. LOL