Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What A Lovely Day!!!

It was truly a beautiful day.As I waited on time to get to the cemetary I pulled over at the walking trails and just watched the sky and looked at the tree's.I noticed how green the tree's looked.So I took a pic of those tree's. This is the driveway to the walking trails.I was facing the road so I could watch for my cousin.Grandpa passed by at 1:20pm.He was not late!

The clouds was so pretty.I just had to get a pic of them.The clouds was not really dark it's just that a bright light was showing through them.It made my day so much smoother by seeing them.I just knew I was being watched over.

Brenten,Justin,Kaden,Me,Ashley,& Kelsey.My cousin snapped this for me when I went back to the trails to change.This is the first time I have wore a dress since 1999.

This is my cousin Sarah and her family.Taylor,Lydia,Erin,Sarah.Sarah and I talked on the phone until 3:30am this morning.I have found her very easy to talk to and we enjoy spending time together.


E @ Scottsville said...

You all look very nice! Wow, you haven't worn a dress in ten years????

I love getting dressed up and feelin' pretty! You should do it more often. I bet Donald would like it. =0)

Grace said...

Yep 10 years.Donald didn't even see me in it today =0) I'm not a dress kinda girl lol give me jeans or shorts and I am just happy

Gracie said...

You look fabulous, Grace! What a wonderful picture. It was indeed a beautiful day. I am so sorry for the loss of your Grandpa. Praying still. =)