Thursday, July 16, 2009

Any Ideas?

Ok so I last posted on Tuesday.I'm sorry I missed Wednesday but some annoying people were here to see Donald.She ain't really annoying but he IS and I love spoiling the baby.My cousin came yesterday with her kiddos so we followed each other to wal marts and bought junk food {taffy calms my nerves i guess}.I made chicken strips for supper last night and Donald was happy.Tonight however he is bein grumpy again.Sometimes I just get tired of all the screaming and hollaring.Yes it gets bad enough that I just want to load the kids and run far far away.I wish I had Dorothy's shoes.My youngest sister had man troubles again today and with her and him living at moms and mom had Justin I flew the 20 miles to pick him up.Kyla started yelling at me and I finally got fed up and told her they both needed shot.They got scared and took off walking.If she is stupid enough to stay with him then she don't need us.Another thing I don't understand is:When a person does drugs and they think they are dying so they call 911 why don't the cops just stay with them til they die?It would save everyone tax dollars plus it would slow down the drug population.My day has been so off so I really don't know any good posts and it has been stormy all week so we haven't been outside much.My camara batteries are dead so I can't take pics {cell pics just ain't the same}.

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fatal piggy said...

sorry sis! thats why i stay home lol