Thursday, July 23, 2009

Finally A Day OutSide

Your not seeing this wrong.This isen't Angel this is Kelsie.She is a 4 month old baby that came to visit.Her Mommy left her in mine and my friends care today.We had much fun. This is Brent carrying Jaxson around at the park.I was at the hospital 16 months ago to hold his mommy's hand while she had him.

This is Jaxson posing for me.

This is me and Jaxson.Jaxs likes me.

Ashley picks up alot of speed going down the slide.I love her cackle!

That is just a washable tattoo on his forehead.

This is Dallas.He is Jaxsons older brother.

This is Carol.She is Jaxson and Dallas's mommy.

This is Dallas and Kaden in the firetruck.They are the same age.

Kaden must be inviting him to ride along.

Hey what can I say he was hungary and there was no plates!

Kelsie chillin in the stroller.

Ashley wanting to run away but stoppin for a pic.

Kaden was oh so thirsty.

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-stephanie- said...

Fun day, cute kids. Being outside playing is good for everybody. You're a good mom and caregiver.