Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Road Trippin

Last week we took a road trip to the dentist.We don't have a kid dentist in our town so we drive 100 miles 1 way to the dentist and then 100 miles back home.As we left on this day we was running late for the 2 hour trip and it was pouring rain .I drove on the way up and I refused to let the rain slow me down.When I know I have to have my kids somewhere important at a certain time I make sure they are there.I can say that going 80 mph in pouring rain scares passengers lol.Donald buckled up and held on tight.The kids didn't seem to mind though.On the way back Donald decided he would drive even though it had stopped raining.I didn't mind because that gave me time to take pics.Oh wait I take pics as I am driving.Let me guess.You NEVER want to be my passanger?It's ok I promise.So here is some pics of our trip.This is a semi we passed. This is a van that would have never passed us if I was driving but since I was not driving he got around us.
Just some rocks by the road.I think we grow rocks here.

He was being smart instead of taking a nap.

Then he got thirsty.

This would be me!

Brent after getting his teeth fixed.Don't worry them two teeth you see there are fixing to be history because his perm are comin right in.

Ashley after getting her teeth fixed.She already broke one back off again.

This is while I was driving.

I was driving here too!

Now you see how our trips go.I forgot to mention I turned a 2-2 1/2 hour trip into a 1 hour 25 minute trip!

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E @ Scottsville said...

I have never, ever, ever taken pics while driving. Okay, so really I have, but I can try to deny it still.