Sunday, July 5, 2009

Friday Fun

Kaden spent alot of time checking this saw out.I don't guess he had ever seen one up close.He now knows what it is used for. This would be Malachi's feet as he makes his jump into the pool.If you notice Donald is being attacked and they nearly stripped him of his shorts.
Donald before getting in the pool.The kids started splashing him as he walked by.He didn't need to chance clothes before getting in since he was already soaked.

Donald likes hot dogs off a stick.

Kaden knows he can pick this up.He must have got dirt on his hands.

First attempt at picking the stick up.As you notice in the pic above he did manage.

How much wood can a wood chuck chuck?They didn't want the fire to go out.

Much faster then trying to break them by hand.Why couldn't he have done this 2 weeks ago?

Malachi was determined to get sticks.He broke many like this.

It kept him occupied for hours.

Here is Billy,Brenten,Allison,Mariah,Hannah,Justin,and Ashley.This was the first time I had met Billy and Allison.

And malachi just chills by the fire.He said he wasen't cold he just didn't wanna be splashed.Kinda hard to stay dry with 7 kids and 1 adult in the pool.

Donald before he got wet.He was just chillin playin us some tunes since the kids drownded the radio.

Kaden got hot and had to get a drink.He made sure to fill both cheeks full.

Ashley,Skylar,and Kaden.Kade loves his horsey.Someone did finally throw it on the fire but someone else grabbed it off and I patched it.It's as good as new again.

Little Miss Ashley and her fish.That is Skylar next to her.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.It's been a good week and a rough weekend.I do know it's all for the better.


Fatal Piggy said...

it appears donald might need a fish name too!
oh kadens poor horsey! glad you got it patched!

E @ Scottsville said...

They threw his horsey in the FIRE? Ouch!!! Call it 'Branding'. =0)

Looks like y'all had some fun. I'm glad!