Friday, July 10, 2009

Dear So & So

Dear Donald,I have had a hard week.I know I didn't do alot but sometimes things in life don't go the way we want.I'll try to pick myself up and do more next week.I love you!Your Loving Woman,Grace Dear Sarah,Thank you for having me and the kids over Tuesday night.I enjoy spending time with you and the kids get along well with your kids.I'm looking forward to our movie night.Your Cousin,Grace Dear Kids,Sorry the past few day's have been rough.It will all be better soon.Just please remember to pick up your dirty laundry,toy's and such.I love you all very much.Love Mommy Dear Mr.Dude from Ebay,Thank you for shipping my tent.I recieved it yesterday and couldn't be happier with it.That is going to be my home away from home.Your ebay Shopper,Grace Dear Kyla,It's time you grow up.I don't mean up in heighth I mean up as an adult.You stress everyone out.Thank you for ruining the 4th of July.It was bad enough without you dragging in all of your drunk friends.Please don't let it happen next year!Your mad sis Grace Dear Daisy,Thank You so very much for going to some nice person's house.You was very lucky they took you to the vet instead of keeping you.We love you so much and we missed you very much too.Love Your Family Dear Myself,It will get easier over time but for right now you have 5 wonderful kids to raise.They need love,food,water,and cuddle time.Now get your rear up and get started! From Me Dear Erica,You play bejeweled to much lol.I can start that game after it being reset in the lead then you come out of nowhere and whoop me.But did you notice I did finally hit the 90,000 mark?I enjoyed that.Keep up the good work so I continue to try harder.Your Cyberspace Friend Grace

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-stephanie- said...

I love your weekly letters. I'm sorry your 4th was ruined. Drunks are no fun. Have a wonderful weekend.