Thursday, July 30, 2009

UnSolved Mystery

I took the kids to the park last week.Before I left home I checked both doors twice to make sure they was locked up tight.After feeling comfy that my house was secure we loaded up and took off.Later when we came home Ashley was in a rush to get in but I told her she had to wait for me to unlock the door.By the time I got to the door Ashley already had it open.I asked her how she got the door open and her reply was "I just turned the knob and came in".So then I started wondering how the door got unlocked but THEN I turned around and spotted this pretty little box on the table.Ok so this made me think my dad had been here since he sometimes leaves things behind but when I asked him he said he had not been here.So I asked everyone that I might want to leave me a box if they had left a box and all the answers were the same "NO".So to whomever left the box and perfume THANK YOU!Now get your tail over here and reveal yourself.Now as you see it say's "I Love You" I must have a secret admirer that knows how to pick locks.Should I feel scared or loved?Well I just feel like I now have something else to collect dust lol.I can't throw it away or donate it because I gotta know who brought it!


-stephanie- said...

How nice that someone loves you enough to pick you up a few presents. Hope you find the admirer.

Fatalpiggy said...

if i say i did it but that i want it back, can i have it? lol

Grace said...

LOL No keep your paws off my treasures

Anonymous said...


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