Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I did not have a semi grumpy week.Every little think did not pounce on my nerves.We did not get more big storms.We did not need more rain.I did not laugh at Donald when we were outside and the lightening did not make the hairs on his neck stick up.I did not fix the scanner so I could hear everything that was going on.I do not keep the above mentioned object on 24/7.I have not had the baby fever {No I DON'T believe that could happen} and I have not found a baby that comes to visit often.I did not find baby girl some clothes for if she ever stay's the night.I also did not find baby girl a playpen to sleep in and rest her back while she is here.I am now not looking for a baby swing for baby girl to enjoy while she is here.We did not have a double birthday party for Kelsey and Brenten on Saturday.I did not go spend $40.00 on cake for 12 people {that would not just be crazy}.I am not baby sitting this week because that would show I have a tolerance for lot's of kids.This is not a pic of baby girl.Her name is NOT Angel Nicole.I do not love spoiling her. I do not hope everyone had a wonderful week since I did not have a wonderful week thinking back on it.


E @ Scottsville said...

Awwwww, her name sure is fitting. She looks like a little angel. =0)

-stephanie- said...

We need rain so bad here. Send some up, so your grumpies go away.

Enjoy lovin' on that sweet baby girl.