Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thursday's Fun

Wow what a way to kick off the weekend.I babysat on Thursday just like the rest of the week.I bought a big ball that you air up and then hook the hose to it and it makes it a sprinkler.I let the kids play in it Thursday and they had alot of fun.Then Thursday night it was off to the races.This is Ashley,Brenten,and Kaden standing at the fence watching the tow truck. This is again Ashley,Brenten,and Kaden standing at the fence again.They was watching the cars this time.

This would be Donald and Kaden watching the race.I think lil man is getting sleepy at this point.

Justin,Malachi,Brenten.They are watchin the race too.Oh wait it really looks like everyone is watching me!

This is Ashley and she is telling me smoke got in her eyes and she don't like it.I guess that just comes with a fire pit huh.

Malachi chilled in this chair most of the day.He just wanted to talk to m e instead of swimming.So we talked for many hours.

Kaden has on his floaty and safety glasses so he is ready to swim.Is them safety glasses really going to do any good?NOPE!

This would be Skylar and Kaden along with the sprinkler ball.They made a water slide.

This is where the water slide is about to be put in place.Ashley thinks of everything when it comes to water.

I guess Kaden enjoyed running.He ran around for a long time but he would run clear away from the water then run right back.

I should have just given them all fish names.

I believe the boy's was thinking Ashley was crazy.Maybe her backside was hot and she wanted it cooled off.

I hope everyone has a safe fun happy 4th of July.

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