Sunday, April 19, 2009

Please take our rain

This is not all I had but it is the 1 pic I got before my batteries went dead.
We have gotten alot of rain lately.We live in a dip where all the city water flows when it rains and it tends to wash the drive way out each and every time.We have a huge red clay dirt pile in the back yard that never got hauled away and the kids really enjoy it.Between my 5 kids and all 6 neighbor kids they managed to dig a hole right in the middle of this pile that is about 3 foot deep and 2 foot wide.They wanted a pond to put fish in but after me telling them fish won't survive in it and that they should fill that hole back in it is still a hole.I did notice yesterday that instead of putting dirt back into it they have pulled grass and threw it on top of the water.I feel sorry for whoever comes and walks across that not knowing it's a hole.I will hope to have my camara ready for when they suddenly fall in.Yes you can bet I would laugh very hard to see such a sight.Now let's stop talking about rain and move on to something more exciting.Friday I set up everything for a yard sale.I had a ton of clothes to get rid of and I did accomplish that.Friday I made 15.00 and some change and Saturday I made 3.00 and some change.Might not sound like much but what if I said EVERYTHING in my sale was 10 cents.Yep I priced EVERYTHING for 10 cents each except the small toy's and I just gave those away.By Saturday afternoon I was tired of fighting the drizzle and a lady was looking for clothes so I emailed her and told her to come get what she needed free of charge.While I was waiting on her another man and woman came and asked how much I would take for all the clothes....I told them to come back at 6:00pm and they could have them free of charge.I managed to give away every piece of clothing in my yard :).I went to some sales Saturday morning.I didn't find much but I did find a bigger computer desk that was sturdy for $4.00 so I bought it.It's still in the rig awaiting to come in the house.Hopefully in June I can have alot more stuff and will be able to have another sale so I can work on my tan at the same time.I better go to bed or I will never wake up in the morning.Good night and check back later for a new post.

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E @ Scottsville said...

Yea, $15.00 doesn't sound lik much - but that's a lot of clothes to get rid of at just 10¢ each! Good for you!