Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm a chicken with it's head cut off!

Well tomorrow is the big day and I am down to point 0.I have the beans on to make chili and got everything to make potato salad.The kids had no school today so it has been hectic then with mom and dad here picking on each other and the kids it's even more hectic.I had thought about doing something with my hair tomorrow but I might not have to because I could be bald by then "SIGH".It's drizzeling out today so the kids can't go play and it isen't that warm.I'll blog more in a bit i'm sure.Ok I am back to blog more.I have a great start on the chili and potato salad and plans to meet my cousin at 9:00am so we can finish shopping for the food.We do still have a ton of food to get but I totally believe we have it all under control.I can't believe we got so much planned and people contacted in 14 day's.My mom is still here and my dad just left to go get coolers and items for the silent auction.I have 3 kids bathed and 2 more to go.I believe the girls are cleanng their room and the oldest 2 boy's are in bed.Kaden on the other hand is standing here eating raw taters as mom peels them.It's supposed to be a beautiful day tomorrow and I hope it don't change.I got my bunny suit now I just have to get velcro or a safety pin by noon tomorrow so my hat won't fall off.I am so very excited.It sounds like we are going to have 100 people show up.Thats alot of people.Ok so I better get a move on or I am not going to get much sleep tonight (which I probably won't anyway).Thanks for checking out my blog and check back for lot's of pics tomorrow night.

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