Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Family Get Together

Lot's of chit chat
Some are recently retired and decided to eat and take a nap

The bunny came and it was time to hunt eggs

The bunny herself

Enthsiastic helpers :)

The cake

It was a beautiful day!I finally went to bed at a little after 2:30am this morning and was woke up when my sister called at 8:45 to make sure I was up to get everything done.I was suppose to meet my cousin at wal marts to do the grocery shopping for the reunion at 9:30am.I got to the stop light in fron of wal marts right on time and she called to say she would not be able to meet me at wal marts since she was bringing Grandpa in for the reunion.I was proud of her for doing that since I really wanted my Grandpa at the get together.I got in the store and picked up 273.00 worth of food and got back out in 30 minutes.Yes 30 minutes was all it took!After leaving wal marts I had to come home and load more stuff then off to the park I went with 5 kids and my mother in tow.I was expecting 100 people or more but thankfully only about 30 showed up.It was a relief since we was a bit late on getting the grill started.We did raise 83.51 for my aunt and uncle in the silent auction to help defray funeral costs for my cousin.The Easter Bunny showed up too!I got dressed in a swap lol.No kidding it was a bit soggy but it was the only spot the kids couldn't see me.It was a ton of fun and I even got sun burned a little bit on my neck.I guess my face was saved due to haveing paint on my face.So now I will add some pics taken during the event.And I will remember that next year I am going to hold the get together the first part of June so it's a little bit warmer and no huge Holidays near it.

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E @ Scottsville said...

Cool to finally see pictures of the 'event' after hearing the countdown on Facebook. =0)