Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hurry Up Summer

Where to begin?Ok I will begin here.I was given a small computer desk today and I had to drive to Willow Springs to get it.It's not really a long drive so it was no problem.On the way home my phone rang but I didn't answer since it was not a local number.After we got home my phone rang again once again I did not answer.Then I decided to run to McDonalds and grab supper instead of cooking (yes I have lazy day's).On the way to McDonalds I took the dirt road to avoid traffic and decided to check my voice mails.I was more then excited to realize it was no stranger!I called Debo back to find out he has his monster truck finished and ready to play with.He told me he will get me and everyone I want to take with me FREE tickets to go watch the monster truck show on July 18th.Of course I want to go I mean who would pass up monster trucks?NOT ME!Yes I would drive 5 hours for 2 hours of fun.The thing is....Debo is Shane's friend (Shane is my uhhh ex?).He also mentioned Shane was having a hard time getting over me and I am all he talks about.Yes I would almost believe that since I hacked my little sisters umm account she has useing my email yesterday to find he had left a message asking how me and the kids were doing.Will he EVER give up?I am happy where I am right now!For those of you who don't know I will tell you..I dated the whole summer last year.Yes I met rich men,poor men,nice men,jerk men,handsome men,and ugly men.The kids and I had alot of fun and got to do alot of things I never imagined we would EVER get to do.We went camping at the lake in Hollister Mo.We went to the lake nearly every day.We had more free lunches then I care to count.We rode around in brand new lifted trucks.Heck we even went out in the big rig (semi).We went to monster truck shows.And we had alot of "us" time.We would drive 5 hours with no map.We would just load up and go in the general direction of the town we had in mind and believe it or not we alway's found it without getting lost.I guess it was kind of a care free summer.But now we have a man that we adore and love and we think he adores us and loves us too.If we travel this summer there will be 7 of us instead of 6.We won't be taking trips when it's 100 degrees out with no a/c and we won't be cramped and we don't have to worry about anything blowing out of the bed of the truck and we don't have to worry about breaking down beside the road.Nope not us for we invested in a new ride.Oh geez here I am blabbing about stuff that probably NOBODY want to know.But hey I was just reliving memories.

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