Monday, April 6, 2009

Is It Monday Already?

I awoke this morning telling myself "it's going to be a beautiful day" haha who was I kidding?The wind is blowing hard and it is cold!I haven't wore my coat in so long tand I don't want to start now so I doubled my shirts.The 11th better hurry up and get here or I am going to have a list so long it takes 50 pages.I think when I work so the more I work the more I think.I have added several more food items and games to the list.I bought an Easter Bunny costume to wear on that day so hopefully it dosen't scare to many kids.So far I haven't got much accomplished today.I got the oldest 3 on the bus and taxi'd Kaden to school and I sorted bead neclaces,tops,and jumping frogs to give to the kids.I have 2 packages that have to be shipped oday so I definatly have to do that.


E @ Scottsville said...

I am SOOOOOO not a fan of Mondays. And although I'm sure we're not as cold as you, compared to what we HAVE BEEN, it's cold today. Blech. I hate the cold, too.

SO Mondays + Cold = BAD MONDAY!!

E @ Scottsville said...
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E @ Scottsville said...

Hey Grace, I left you a little "award" on my blog today. Hopefully it'll get some people to jump over and check out YOUR blog. =0)