Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jump on over to Scottsville!.I'm not sure where to put the thingy I got from E and after sitting here and browsing through everything I could find I decided this might work right here.I have never met E but I would someday like to do that.E is very funny and she alway's gives me a good laugh.So if you need a good laugh just skip on over to E's blog.You will not be sorry you did!Now as far as yesterday goes (or went) I had to have Kaden in Springfield at 1:00pm to visit the dentist.Before going to the dentist I took my friend and her son to try to pick up a car.Thats a long story and we left with no car but did get a stolen car report made :).See we can accomplish what needs to get done.Anyway Kaden has 11 bad teeth out of 20.They are going to call me and scedule a surgery date.I would be concerned but Brenten and Ashley have already been through it so I kinda know what to expect.He will come home with a pretty white fake smile.My bunny costume should be in today or tomorrow.I have wanted to be a bunny for many years.Ok so maybe I'm a little weird but I don't mind at all.I want to wear it Saturday for the family get together.Next I'll buy a santa suit.I had to buy 4 more goldfish since the first 2 got fed soda and lot's of food.So far only 1 of the new fish turned sideways but the kids must have prayed for it because this morning he was swimming again.I got my new printer,scanner,copier to find I had to buy a usb cord thingy.They was more then I wanted to pay at wal marts since I knew I had one around here somewhere so I went and bought a cheap one off ebay.Now I just gotta wait.Wow I can tell it's getting warmer.My scedule over the winter includd barely anything and now it is jammed packed.On April 4th a benifit was set up for 2 of my cousins (they are brother and sister) for some bad luck each had over the winter.I attended that and it was a succes.April 8th I had to take Kaden to Springfield.On April 11th is our family get together that I planned in less then 14 day's.April 12th is the Easter egg hunt that we always attend.April 16th I have a meeting at school.April 18th is the city wide yard sale (I have a ton of stuff to put in it).Then who knows what will come up next.I kinda like being busy it gives me something to do.Whoo Woo I got a lunch date this afternoon.My friend and me loves food!

Kaden & Ashley at the Mall


E @ Scottsville said...

Hey, thanks for the awesome plug, Grace!!!

And to 'put the button' on your blog, you simply go to your 'dashboard' and then click on LAYOUT. You'll want to "add a gadget" and then scroll down to the one labeled "HTML". =0) Just insert the code there and it should appear on the SIDEBAR instead of 'in a post'. You can then drag that box up or down and place it where you like from that 'layout' screen. =0)

If you've got any questions, feel free to ask!!! Anytime!

E @ Scottsville said...

You did it! But hey, FEEL FREE TO MOVE IT DOWN! I do NOT expect to be at the TOP. That's too funny. You go to LAYOUT and then just drag that box down to where you'd like it.

But hey if you wanna leave it on top, so be it! {{crackin' myself up over here}}

Grace said...

Of course I wanna leave it right there.You alway's crack me up and i want everyone to read what i get to read lol.