Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Nah!Just a little poison ivy.I think I will look up those 3 things below and see if they even come from swine's,cows,and birds.Happy Monday everyone.I did not have a terrific time on my "date" Saturday night.Donald and I did not go to sonic and sit and eat while watching all the young kids try to run over each other.I did not need that date at all.Nope not me.I was not going to buy a new lawn mower yesterday so I could mow the yard.Donald did not fix the one I bought last year so he could mow the yard.Nope surely not.I did not let Justin skip school today so he could go to Springfield with granny to pick up Grandpa from the airport.No way.......why would I let my child do such a thing?This is not my first not me Monday post and of course I'm not having fun with it ;).I most certainly did not pile my curb in a ton of trash knowing it was going to rain.I would never stand at the window and feel guilty about piling so much out so the trash men had to load it in the rain.That would be to mean of me and of course I did not laugh at them and tell my friend they was earning their pay today.I did not run into a lady that dislikes me last week and she would not of been kind to me.It had not been 13 years since she had seen me and I was not crossing my fingers hoping she didn't reconize me.I did not get an email from the above mentioned lady today asking if that was me.I did not lose yet another cousin over the weekend.This was not the 3rd relative I have lost this year.I did not wash all my dishes today so I could cook a nice supper.Well that was not my first attempt at Not Me Monday.I hope you did not enjoy it ;)


Grace said...

P.S. Supper was cooked by McDonald's lol.Not what I had in mind but it worked :)

E @ Scottsville said...

I don't think I'm allergic to poison ivy at all. Weird huh? But I sure am allergic to "Bull Nettle". Trust me, that stuff and me do NOT mix. See here!Hope your leg gets well soon and that it doesn't spread!