Saturday, November 28, 2009

Please just PRAY

Donald's mother has been ill for 2 day's.His father called yesterday and told Donald to go tell his mom to move downstairs.Donald said he couldn't do that thinking his mom was mad at his dad.Today when we get 100 miles from home Donald's dad called again.This time is was to tell Donald his mom was sick.I told Donald to call his mom and she sounded a bit confused.After getting home Donald took the tahoe and went to see his mom and try to get her to the doctor.He later text me and said he couldnt get her down the stairs.I told him to wait for me so my mom gave me a ride over then she came back to my place to camp with the kids.We finally agreed to call an ambulance for help.Donalds dad just wanted to get the sled and pull her down the stairs NO THANK YOU!We then went to the hospital to be with her.She never has been in the best of health.They run tests on her but we didn't get results tonight.The only thing she will say is a small struggled yeah.It's scary people!Just pray along with me that it isen't a stroke or anything serious.I wish and pray she makes a full recovery.I love that woman!She has been in my life since I was 14 years old and has done so much for me.I will go see her again tomorrow and every day after until she gets well and gets to come home.You never realize what you have until you no longer have it.Since she talks to me more then she does her 2 sons I was able to answer the health questions they ask but I need to know more.I am going to make that my goal!So let's all say our prayers for a full recovery!I'll update tomorrow.


Ever Blessed said...

Thanks for leaving this post Grace. We were just getting to know her. I hope all goes well with her and we can have more time together. Still praying, *Agreeing for a full recovery* ~sjb~

-stephanie- said...

I will pray Grace.

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. I'll pray all goes well. You sound like a great daughter-in-law for her.