Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh Happy Day's

Oh yes it's pure bliss!It's 35 day's til Christmas and I have had a 1 track mind and nearly skipped Thanksgiving.I started cleaning my house yesterday and got it finished up today.I'm so amazed I still have counters and floors.My cousin comes to visit me on Friday's and today was no different.I love spending time with her and her kiddos.Kaden threw all the clothes that I hung today out of the girls closet and then Lydia tried them all on.Did I mind?NOPE!They will only be kids once and I remember exactly how much fun it was to do that.You also have to realize that these two munchkins generally get on the washing machine and grab the cleaners and clean so yep I'll take the clothes any day.Only 6 more day's til Thanksgiving!I do believe I am ready.The only thing I think I have to get is umm bananas and canned biscuits.I have my turkey laid in the fridge thawing since it's 28 pounds.It takes a turkey 5 hours per pound to thaw.I'll lay the ham out on Tuesday and cook it Wednesday night so all I have to do is reheat it.I only have Kaden this weekend and he is on the couch asleep.Pretty peaceful around here.I wish it would hurry and snow!I bought myself an electric mixer yesterday and wrapped it up nicely only to tell my sister and have her yell at me to get it unwrapped and returned because thats what she got me for Christmas.Oh boy I guess when I try to buy myself stuff someone else has already gotten it for me.Must be why I don't buy myself stuff.I think I'm gonna call it a night and turn in.Have a fantastic weekend.

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-stephanie- said...

Holy huge turkey! Have a quiet, peaceful weekend.