Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Monday :0)

I had a fantastic weekend and I hope the rest of you did also.I had forgot Friday was the 13th but I generally have very good luck on that day.My friend called me Friday morning and asked if Kaden and I would like to go to Ryan's and eat so we could talk about the family's in which we would be adopting.I told her yes of course we would so we got ready and met.It was peaceful during the meal and everything went fine.After eating and talking I decided I needed to go get foil for Thanksgiving but I wasen't in the mood for wal mart so I just ran to the dollar tree.Once inside the store I headed to toy's to see what I could find for the little girls I adopted.I was on my knees digging {advice from my sister} when I felt someone burning holes in me with their eyes.I stood up slowely then raised my head to find my ex standing there with a smile on his face then he said hi.I started shaking and told Kaden we needed to go so we checked out and left.I called my friend from the parking lot and she said she was at wal mart so I headed that way with him right on my tail.He finally gave up and I snuck home as fast as I could get there.I wouldn't have been so scared of him but after looking at his background one time I discovered he nearly killed his mom and ex wife.So yeah not exactly what I need.Saturday was just a day of raking leaves and mowing the lawn.Sunday {yesterday} I finished up the yard and then I done what I generally wait til the last minute when it's 20 degrees to do.I hung my Christmas lights on the roof and got my inflatable panda and reindeer and sleigh set up.And as for today it's cold and rainy so I'll just take Kaden to school then come clean the house for a bit.That should catch you up on what I have been doing.I won a box of cheerios,5 books,and a Barnes & Noble gift card from Erica over at In need Of Mercy!Thank you again Erica

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