Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just Pics From The Past

This is my dad in the brown shirt and thats my cousin Cari's Aunt May in the white shirt standing and thats my Uncle Joe on the right by the yellow balloon and that guy back there in the hoodie is my cousin Donald.This was a gathering for my Grandpa's Birthday. This is my Aunt's & Uncles..From left to right:Ellen,May,Randy,Ruth,John,and my dad.
This is Me,My Grandma,and Kelsey.Kelsey was 3 months old here.

This is Kaden over this summer.I only posted it for the pic below.

This is Justin & Kelsey.Do you see how much Kaden & Justin look alike?

The little girl in the brown dress is Ashley.The baby boy holding her is Gabe.Ashley is 1 day older then Gabe.Do you see a size difference?

And this would be Justin.Ain't he the prettiest boy you ever seen?

This would be Donald when I was pregnant with Kelsey.Good thing one of us had energy to waste.

Thanks for reading my blog.Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if I don't get on to blog before the big day!


Fatal Piggy said...

That one picture says "This is my aunts and uncles" but I thought May was Cari's aunt. Sorry I had to put that!

Grace said...

Well she IS but it was alot of work to write that again

Ever Blessed said...

Thanks for posting some great pics!

E @ Scottsville said...

Hey Girly! YOu do know these would be a great "Walk Down Memory Lane" post, right? Right!

It is Wednesday afterall. =0)

Grace, I hope you and your family have A TRULY WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING tomorrow!!!



-stephanie- said...

I love snooping in on family photos. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too.

Gracie said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Grace. I am thankful for you today. =)

E @ Scottsville said...

Hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous!!!

Mine was great. =0)

Anonymous said...

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