Tuesday, November 3, 2009

90 Down

I have got 90 Christmas gifts wrapped so far.I have 20 something left in the bedroom to wrap and a few more yet to buy.Are you tired of hearing about Christmas yet?I am a bit excited about it!I have all the kids pig stys {aka bedrooms} cleaned and I even managed to squeeze in laundry and the living room.I put Justin back in Kaden's room and moved Brent to Justin's old room.Justin has had an awful attitude lately but when I seen Kelsey's new swim suits cut up in Justin's room I knew he was so outta there.He is not happy about the new arrangments but he can just deal with it.Did I forget to mention I even squeezed in wal mart and cooking supper?Man alot can happen in 1 day if you just set your mind to it.It is still nice weather here but I can't wait for it to snow.I have joined a place called freecycle.It's web based and people put all kinds of good junk on there for free.I seem to put more on there then I recieve which could be a good thing.Just go to www.freecycle.org to browse your neighborhood junk.Hey you just might find something you have been looking for.I spent my last green backs on food,Christmas gifts,wal mart game room,and mcdonalds today *sigh*.I better put more junk on craiglist tomorrow so I can get more.Uh oh it's after 11:00 so I better hang this up and head for the shower.I love the time change!

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-stephanie- said...

Sheesh girl...slow down. :o) Actually you're an inspiration to get my butt moving.