Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My latest outting

Saturday 3/24/2012 a little 3 year old boy went missing in Fulton County Arkansas.
Law enforcement got called in and started searching.Sunday volunteers were called in to help with the search.Tuesday I just couldn't take it anymore so I drove the miles and picked up my mom and we headed for the search camp.When we arrived people was gathered ready to go help with the search.At 3:00pm we sat down with our group and talked.At 4:00pm the foot search was called off.We watched the helicopter land on the island between the water at 3:00pm and sure enough they had found the boy.It was a relief he had been found but of course he wasen't found as everyone would have liked to find him.I had to come to terms with myself that at least he can be laid to rest in the right peaceful resting place.I have thought and prayed for 4 day's straight that this child be found.If you all remember I have a son that just turned 6 years old.My son is 3 inches taller then Caleb (the lost child).It hit so close to home and is very sad.Sad?Yes!Would I do it again?YES!It brought a sense of comfort over me knowing I was there to help and to know he had been found.Even though I was not the one to find him it has still had an impact on my life that I will never forget.You can't imagine the feeling you get just from what you see and hear on such a mission.Summer is approaching so please remember WHEN YOUR NEAR WATER WEAR A LIFE VEST!Guy's & Gals it's the simple things that can save a life.

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