Monday, February 13, 2012


It's snowing here for the 1st time this year!School was called off before we even had snow on the ground.Me,Tom,Kaden,my sister Chrissy,and her husband Scott all left on Friday night and headed for the city.We hit Target at 11:30pm and I bought the coolest sled ever!Now I may get to use it along with the other 2 new sleds that was bought waaayy back in November lol.The kids are just as excited as me.Unfortunatly our propane tank went dry at bedtime last night so we fell back on our old kerosene heaters but of course they just didn't want to work so hubby ran to wal mart late last night to pick up a new one (it's working wonderfully).I called the propane company at 7:59am and propane is on the way :).I hit another auction yesterday and bought a trailer load of goodies (I hope thats what it is as I have not looked yet).My oldest will be 13 in 11 day's (I' m not looking forward to this).My youngest sister moved to Californiaso unless she moves back I will probably never see her or my nephew again.She is missing home but probably not enough to come back.I have gave away 3 of the 5 puppies so far.Only 2 more to go and I will be puppy free!I'm awaiting my new dish washer as my old one and the kids have quit.Now I better go get busy or I will never get done.Have a wonderful Day!

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