Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tis the Season

Halloween has come and gone and it's November already.We are 21 day's from Thanksgiving and this year I have alot to be thankful for.Then after Thanksgiving it's off to Christmas!I love the holiday's!I wrapped 25 Christmas presents this morning.I usually wait til a little closer to time but man I am getting to old to stay up til 2am just to wrap gifts.I have tried to work hard the last few months so I would be able to get the kids what they want but this year there just really ain't much that they want so that makes it a little harder.Deer season for the kiddos opens Saturday so I had to go buy their tags and ammo and a gun that would fit the smaller ones.Kaden (the smallest of them all) shot the gun yesterday and done a very nice job.He does still have a couple more years before he is able to go hunting but if he can practice from now to then he should do just fine.I skipped work today (the advantage of being self employed) so I can clean my house from top to bottom.I haven't touched it yet lol.Ok i'm off to clean :)

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