Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Monday...AGAIN

Of course I'm sure you are aware that it is once again Monday.It's cold and pouring rain outisde today so that has halted my plans for the day.I have since made new plans that the rain won't disturb.I had a wonderful weekend.Tom and I celeberated our 1st year together,we bought more ducks,we ate,we watched movies,we slept,and that is about all.Saturday I bought ducks and Sunday morning they were gone so I searched for them but never found them.Sunday evening the kids came home and Kaden was determined to find the ducks,I was in the laundry room when he ran in the house yelling "I found the ducks" I threw my shoes on and followed him down the road but I never seen them.Tom and the other kids got involved in the search and the ducks was found swimming in the pond (I had searched this pond that morning).So now that the ducks are found and it is cold and rainey I am going to go to town and buy more chicken feed and fill my tank once more before gas goes up a nymore.I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

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-stephanie- said...

We had all our rain yesterday, so I am having a wonderful non rainy Monday. Glad to hear you found your ducks.