Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Christmas is finally upon us!I have gotten everything done except the cooking and I started that this morning.Tonight we go to Tom's parents to do Christmas then tomorrow we will have ours at home.Last Saturday we went to my parents to do Christmas there.I don't ever recall going to so many places lol.The neighbor lady has had to put her husband in the nursing home and he now lays in icu so I invited her to our place for Christmas and she said she would be here.All her kids and step kids live in Alaska so she has no close family and it's just not right to spend the holiday's alone.I  have added some recent pics.Kaden had asked Santa for a tractor he could ride and since Tom works at the transfer station someone brought in a John Deere tractor and brought it home for lil man and he lives on that thing.I feel very blessed this year!I caught word yesterday that my ex is gonna be a daddy so congrats to him!I now have my 5 kids full time and they are enjoying that.They was tired of bouncing back and forth.My ex was polite enough to text me to let me know he no longer wished to have the kids for visits any longer and he would be willing to sign what parental rights he had away.That was fine n dandy with  me!I know it's a short post so enjoy the pics.Until next time...Merry Christmas and Happy New year!


-stephanie- said...

It's good to see everybody looking happy. A blessed Christmas to you Grace.

Jackie said...

What a good looking family!!!